So...after a summer at home I'm back in Hechuan. Its the same as it always was!

I now have the apartment to myself, because there are 5 female teachers and 1 male teacher, so he's got his own apartment too. There's also another girl teacher at Pisi, we met for dinner tonight, and there's Nick who's teaching at YiTong. Last year, the teacher at YiTong wasn't interested in meeting the other foreigners, but Nick is. The best thing about him is that he's another Brit! Yeay! So there are now 7 American teachers and 2 British teachers in the area.

Roach wars has 12 casualties so far...don't know how many more there will be. This is more than last year's total. There's also a large jumping Spider living in my room (Cyril), and i'm leaving him at the moment, he can eat all the mosquitoes as long as he doesn't try to cuddle me at night...we have a deal!

I haven't done anything amazingly interesting yet.

I will blog about the summer adventures and the journey over when in get the pictures off my camera.