This Friday instead of food, I'm going for drinks. I read an article about the strangest drinks in China, so I toddled off to the supermarket to see what I could find.

Here are the 3 drinks on offer today:
First off: Smart Watermelon

Fizzy, pink, sweet.
It smells like fake watermelon.
Tastes foul. The first taste is quite sweet, but then the bitterness of the artificial sweeteners hits you as you swallow it.
Not buying this again.

Next: Mirinda Plum
I love Mirinda Orange and their Apple too, so I've got high hopes for this one.

Looks a bit like cola and smells like plum jam.

Argh! It has a nice plum flavour that's totally overtaken by the bitterness of the artificial sweeteners as you swallow it. Bleurgh!

Not buying this one again either. If it tasted like it smells, then I would happily get it again, but the artificial bitterness just ruins it.

Lastly: The Ever Famous Grass Jelly Drink

I read that it's supposed to be sweet and herbally. The grass is wheatgrass - the thing that all the smoothie lovers are raving over.

Looks a bit like pondwater.
You can't see it in the picture, but there are little cubes of jelly at the bottom.
It's brown and cloudy and still.

Tastes exactly as you'd expect grass to taste. Green, grassy. It's slightly herbal, but I expected it to taste more of herbs, and to be the kind of drink that makes you feel healthy. tastes like I'd expect pondwater to taste. It's not that great. It has the flavour of grass, but a dirty grass flavour rather than a fresh green grass flavour. If you've ever tasted grass (I have) you'll know that it tastes green, vegetabley and fresh. This doesn't taste fresh. And the little lumps of jelly just make it taste like a pond with tadpoles.