Body Check

9/26/2011 20:14:45


So, after getting the medical in England, i had to go through it all again here.

The blood test was a lot less stressful this time. The nurse understood that i wanted her to wear gloves, she opened the needle pack in front of me and did a good job! Half the medical got cancelled because the doctor was late, which was a good thing! I didn't have to do the pee test because i wasn't allowed to drink before the blood test, so they realised that for me to pee, we'd have to wait the whole day!

Explaining urticaria to a Chinese person is interesting, especially when you explain that basically, you're allergic to your own sweat! I have a bit of an attack on my feet which is uncomfortable, but not too unbearable. I had a small attack on the back of my hand where i got bitten the first night, so i showed her the red mark and said that i am allergic to something and that is what urticaria is, she showed the nurse who shrugged and said 'ok, we just want to check that you won't die in China'. I assured her that i will try very hard not to.

The ultrasound got cancelled because the doctor wasn't there. I was a bit worried that they would send me for vaccinations, but i explained that i already had them, and that i had a vaccination card if they wanted to see it. They decided that it would be too much hassle to try and translate everything on the card so they told me that if i had had vaccinations in the UK then i would be fine.

So much less hassle than last time!

New Home

9/25/2011 05:11:00


So...I didn't stay in CQ in the end, I've moved to another city completely. I'm in Jiangsu, which is about 3 hours away (by train) from Shanghai.

I came with Emirates. They're a nice airline! I have found the secret to good food on planes - always order the vegetarian in advance! You get fed before everyone else and you actually get good food! I got a sandwich on the flight from Dubai to Shanghai which was very nice, and asparagus in white sauce with pasta on the flight from Heathrow, which was absolutely delicious!!

I got to Shanghai and found Rebecca, the teacher meeting me. She had a sign with my name on! No-one's ever had a sign for me at the airport. I felt really special!!

Yesterday i got a tour of the campus. It's bigger than Hechuan and more attractive. It's newer (mostly built in 2002) and has more modern buildings. They have decent aircon in the language labs, which is an excellent start!!

Today i went shopping and spent a fortune on stuff for the apartment. I've got a one bedroom apartment to myself. It's a proper double sized bed. Rock hard, but comfortable. I sent some of my bedding from Chongqing to here before i left, so it was nice to have my own bedding to put on my bed. The room is huge! I feel a bit lost in the middle of it. The living room/kitchen is open plan and the kitchen is a little small. It will feel even smaller when i get my oven!

Book review

9/11/2011 10:25:00

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An Idiot AbroadAn Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was ok. The TV show was funnier.

The book did actually portray Karl Pilkington as some kind of idiot. I found it ok for the first couple of chapters, after that it was just miserable tat. It took me minutes to read the first couple of chapters, after that i was forcing myself to finish it.

I liked it because i liked the TV show, but it was just inane after a while.

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