The bread here is usually sweet. I'm not sure why, there must be some ingredient in it that keeps it sweet.

But I have my oven!
On the left - Bagel Buns.
On the right - Mantou rolls.

The bagel buns are a bagel recipe made into rolls rather than rings.
The mantou rolls are a Chinese bread recipe that's usually steamed, but i don't have a stemer so i baked them.

Insides. Look at the grains on them!

Delicious toasted with some butter and cream cheese.

It's Random Food Friday again!
So this week i had no late lesson, but i did find these in the local shop.

They were quite delicious! Although the ingredients don't seem to indicate that they contain peas, they do actually taste like peas! Win! I'll be having these again.

the actual pea things - like pea flavoured wotsits!

Sometimes it's just the Chinglish that makes me buy things. This is a microwave pizza slice. I'd love to know what 'meet' tastes like. tastes like bacon...

And in the positive food category - I love my oven!

Here, I present banana cakes - the large one (hidden) is plain banana and the little ones are Banana and Raisin.