This week I was taken out to dinner! Rebecca knows someone who wants me to teach children once a month. I've been saying no for a long time, so they decided to take me out to dinner to try to convince me.
This is the table of food. All food here is served communally. 

Then...this pot that looked a bit like a giant terracotta flowerpot came to the table. This is a first for me, I've never seen a giant flowerpot put on a table before.

All was revealed. It was actually a giant pot of chicken soup. Very nice chicken soup too!

The bread here is usually sweet. I'm not sure why, there must be some ingredient in it that keeps it sweet.

But I have my oven!
On the left - Bagel Buns.
On the right - Mantou rolls.

The bagel buns are a bagel recipe made into rolls rather than rings.
The mantou rolls are a Chinese bread recipe that's usually steamed, but i don't have a stemer so i baked them.

Insides. Look at the grains on them!

Delicious toasted with some butter and cream cheese.

Welcome to this week's Random Food Friday!
Looks like a Findus Crispy Pancake, doesn't taste like it.
It's filled with egg and green stuff and deep fried. It really isn't that good. Won't be buying these again :(

Fried Rice!
This is from my favourite sellers here. They now know that i don't like cooked cabbage, or hot spices. 

They also defend me from the shouts of 'Laowai!' (foreigner). Last time someone shouted that near me, they looked round and said 'Not foreigner, our friend'. He shut up pretty quickly. When you get shouted at every day just for not being Chinese, little moments like this can really make the world a better place.

Strange steamed bun thing.

This came from a new stall outside the college. It's run by two deaf men, which is cool but not helpful if you can't read the signs. 
In the end i pointed at raisins and they understood what i wanted.

The bun was really really nice! It's not sweet, but they add raisins when its steamed and sugar afterwards, so it ends up having a fruity top and a sugary bottom. Win-Win! I'll be going to them again!

I think this should be a weekly thing...
So. On Fridays i go and buy food somewhere because i don't finish teaching until late.

I've been trying to try all the local food stalls to see what they offer. So now, my dear readers, I'm going to share the goodness (or...badness) with you!
This is the fried rice i got tonight. There are about 7 fried rice stall and each of them has something different, so i'll start with this one. 

It's got rice, meat (?) green stuff, other green stuff, oil and seasoning. Don't know what the seasoning is.

This one's ok, but not my favourite. I like my fried rice to have green onions in at least, if not real onions. I would like them to offer lotus root too, it's my favourite vegetable!

Milk Tea!
I love milk tea. Probably more than any other drink (except, of course, you, you cheeky Mr Daniels...). It is a milk based tea product. It's fairly strong tea here which is nice. I haven't worked out how to get different flavours here yet. It has tapioca pearls in the bottom and a really wide straw so you suck up and eat the pearls as you drink the tea.
Right now it's cold, so i've gone with a nice hot cup!

These are little patty things. As i walked past the stall i'm sure i smelt some kind of curry thing, and i was hoping they'd be like Jamaican patties. 

Sadly, they're not. I'm not quite sure what's in them but they're not the tastiest thing i've had. Nucky will get to try these!!