So...last night, for the first time in about 25 years it snowed. Not enouogh to settle sadly, but there was definitely snow. It was even more evident because of the screaming and  shouting of 10,000 excited students who had either never seen snow before, or who realised the massiveness of this event - Chongqing!

4 students phoned me to tell me, and another asked if we could go and build a snowman. I don't think she realised (never having seen snow before) that 5 flakes does not a snowman make. I have promised her that if the snow comes back and stays on the ground, i will help her make a snowman.

So...i have a dog. Originally, it was my ex-friend (more about that later...) Vivian's dog. Now, she is mine. She is a little white chihuaha + Something mix. I think it's Chihuaha x Pug. She's quite adorable and i have to admit, i have been trying not to like her too much because she was Vivian's. Now, however, she is mine.

I am really annoyed at Vivian. She seems to not care about the dog at all. I suppose i should have accepted it. Chinese people in general have no clue when it comes to pets of any kind. They don't treat them well (see: fish kept in small tanks with no filtration or air bubbles...) and don't seem to realise that animals have feelings and thoughts and will miss you if you go away, and they can't live on rice! I'm annoyed at her for just expecting me to find Lucky a new home. Lucky's already been abandoned by one set of owners, now she's been abandoned by Vivian as well. I guess her name's not very apt!

So the next plan: Stay in CQ next year.I've been offered a job earning more money in the Translation University. If i can aim to save as much as possible, i'll then try to get a job in Hong Kong for at least a semester and get Lucky quarantined there for 4-6 months. I'll also seek out a good vet who will spay her. To get to HK she needs to have rabies and some other immunisations, which is not a problem as i can get them done in CQ. After that, she needs to get a pet passport...and then it's off to the UK to meet Finlay! With the pet passport from HK, she doesn't need to be quarantines in the UK. If i take her home directly from here, she'll need to be quarantined in the UK for 6 months. If i quarantine her in HK then i can see her more often, and make sure that she gets good treatment, and that she gets spayed. I don't trust Mainland Chinese vets to do it. i don't like them. Like Vivian, they have no thought for the animal and don't believe it is a sentient being.

The only thing is...will it ruin my image too much if i'm seen in public with a Chihuaha? She's a celebrity on campus! Not only is she small and cute, but i keep telling the students that she speaks 3 languages - Chinese, English and Dog. But in the UK?!