I finally have internet access again! There are so many post waiting to go up as well!

I've got Christmas, New Year and all the travelling to tell you about! Its been a bit of a whirlwind, i feel like i've been round half the world in the last couple of months.

Can't stop too long at the moment, we're going to meet the new people at Paisi, the other college in Hechuan tonight. I've also been chosen to randomly check some of the Oral Exam marks as well.

I've been a bit unwell, i had a really heavy cold last week that i was sure was pneumonia, but i went to the doctor, he had a look at my tongue, i had 2 drip things (i don't know what was in them, but it worked!) and a load of tablets, and i'm about 90% better now.

I promise, o faithful readers that i will update more often. I've got to start updating soon, i have so many pictures to share and things to talk about. Its been an amazing journey round China and i definitely feel the need to share!

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