I've just come back from this afternoon's lesson and i have to rant a bit!

Sometimes, teaching these students (University) is like teaching 10 year-olds! They sit in silence and stare at me. We had a listening today about Robin Hood. It was about the practicality of wearing tights in an English forest. After they'd heard it 5 times, answered the questions about it and read the script, i decided to try an experiment. I covered the script on the screen and asked them to tell me any words that they didn't understand. They said tights...not one of them had bothered to look it up. I explained what tights are, and got a sea of blank faces. I drew them on the board and they finally understood. I then asked them what the tape said about Robin Hood...blank faces again....i connected it to the tights - What did the tape say was the problem with Robin hood wearing tights?  Blank faces...i asked them if they understood the question. They said yes. I asked the question again...blank faces....Argh! We spent the last 10 minutes of the lesson in silence because i was so exasperated! I'm convinced this class is the lowest grade. Tey definitely seem to have the lowest intelligence amongst their peers.

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